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Soap stared at the coastline, a mixture of awe and fear flowing through him as he stared at the aftermath of Wither's single attack. Her body shrank and reverted color as she returned to her human form.

"I might have gone overboard," she admitted, not looking at Soap. "I hate that man and all their people." Her body was visibly shaking.

"What did they do?" Soap pondered.

"How should I put this? The man that's lying in the sea, dead… he killed my family." Soap's blood ran cold at her words.


"They did it right in front of me as well. After locking me in that chain," She indicated the chain lying on the ground beside Soap. "I, of course, was devastated, but they tortured me until I couldn't cry anymore. I couldn't tell what was worse, my physical or mental pain."

"But…why did they do that? What could you possibly have done to deserve that?"

I've wondered that myself," Wither said with a weak, humourless smile. She pointed to her white horns "It's because of these. I come from an ancient race of people. A people called the Ghouls. Because of our appearance and uncontrollable strength when the sun falls, we are treated like…like…"

"Monsters?" Soap suggested. Wither nodded. "I used to get treated like a savage beast for being a Fishman myself." He picked up the chain on the ground, stuffing it in his pocket.


"Yes. It's what they call us members of the Shark race. We are born with great strength as well as being able to breathe underwater like a fish."

"Oh, wow!" Wither's tone and expression had suddenly brightened a whole lot.

"And unlike most Blox Fruit users, we aren't affected by the sea, or by seastone."

"That seems very useful! Wish I could swim with this fruit."

"It isn't very useful," Soap said bitterly. "It's not like I can swim to another island. I'd get tired out and eaten by some wild creature. I'm trying to get a boat and jolly roger. Then I can be a proper pirate. But their ship…" Wither's face switched to realisation.

"I'm so sorry! I-" She began, but Soap raised his hand and she stopped.

"How long can you fly for?"

"Well, it depends on the load but I can fly for a couple days straight at best without rest."

"That should be enough," Soap grinned. "Here's the plan. You fly us out of here to the nearest island where I can have a better chance of stealing myself a boat. Wither didn't look happy.

"Well, the nearest island would be…"

"Your hometown?" Soap guessed.

"Yeah. But I'll get you there, if that's what you want. To thank you for saving me." Wither then turned into the large winged dragon again and stood, waiting. Soap hesitated. She looked at him.

"Uhm…I don't know how to ride a dragon." Soap said awkwardly.

"It's ok!" Wither reassured. "You just hold on. I'm the one getting us there." Soap smiled and nodded, before climbing onto her scaled back. It felt hard and rough. On the back of her draconic neck, multiple spikes protruded from the scales. Soap grabbed hold of one. Wither flapped her huge wings and Soap's stomach dipped as they were suddenly in the air. He forced himself not to yelp as the wind got to him. His heart was vibrating like a motor.

"You, ok?" Wither asked worriedly, after a few minutes of flying in silence.

"Yes," Soap replied shakily. "It was just quite a shock."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that! I should have-"

"It's fine." Wither began to slowly but steadily accelerate.

"So, you have a Blox fruit ability?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah. It's the Kilo fruit. I've had this fruit since I was young."

"Ooh, what does it do?"

"Well, at first I could increase my weight. I won't demonstrate it here of course, but I could change my weight from between one and fifty thousand kilograms. But after these years I learned new heights to my powers. Like I can control my pressure and density." Soap continued to explain his powers as they soared through the air.

"Where the fuck are they?!" Heiijeiio roared. He was on his yellow boat, facing the group of ships that held the Mafia Grammaticale.

"Language!" Lonely reprimanded calmly. Through his enhanced beast vision, he could clearly see her knuckles were pale white as she gripped her blades. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Cut the shit, bitch! I'll destroy your crew right here and now!" He coated his clawed fist in his Aura and clenched it. An unimaginable power blasted from him, shaking the waves and skies. Bodies hit the ground.

"What's going on?" Brook asked Lonely. Both their hairs were being blown from the overwhelming power of Heiijeiio's spirit, as if he was projecting a sort of wind from him. Lonely then unleashed the power of her own spirit in return. The two opposing wills clashed, creating a shockwave so powerful it tore the sea and skies between them. Brook rammed her blade into the deck, holding onto it to prevent being blown away into the sea. Men and women flew through the air like confetti. Only Heiijeiio and Lonely stood upright as the forces of their spirits clashed.

On a random island…

“What’s going on?”

"Did everyone die?" Unconscious bodies covered the ground.

"What is this?" A muscular man rose to his feet. "Some sort of plague?"

"It seems," a bald, horned man beside him spoke up. The top half of his face was black, and pure white eyes glowed. "Like a strange ability only a rare few possess. The King's Spirit."

"What? I am King! Who-?"

"That's what I want to know, brother. If I'm being honest, those filthy Fishmen can't be trusted…"

"Bring me every Fishman! As soon as possible!"

Within not even an hour, an entire mob of men and women, all from the Shark race were around a pit. All of them were connected by their necks to a noose which were connected by chains

"Brother stop!" A blonde woman with angel wings cried. "Those Fishmen and women are innocent!"

"Oh come on, Jenny," The bald one snapped. "We know you sleep with those filthy, slimy, putrid, disgusting half-fish and put shame on our family even as an adopted bitch of a bird-"

"None of what you say is true, Eric!" Jenni shot back. "Those Fishmen couldn't possibly have the King's Spirit!"

"So willing to defend your enemies, aren't ya, sis?" Eric snarled. The muscular man looked to and from his brother and sister. The truth was, none of the three were related, but orphans that had lived together so long they knew each other as siblings.

"How could these Fishmen have the ability only a rare few have?!"

"Oh? Explain how they were the only ones not knocked unconscious besides us and a few generals?"

"That means nothing! Those with strong wills can withstand the King's Spirit! You have been enslaving them for years, of course their wills should be strong!"

"Wrong! The whole purpose of enslaving them was to break their wills!"

"Then you clearly did a poor job of that!"

"So, Mochii?" Eric demanded. "Which one are you gonna believe?" Mochii hated this. He loved both his siblings equally, but they hated each other. He was always forced to mediate the decision, being the King of the island they had plundered years ago.

"Kill the Fishmen!" He declared, to Eric's delight and Jenny's despair. Screams began to break out as the King's soldiers rushed upon and began slaughtering all the captives. King Mochii watched, stone-faced as Fishman upon Fishman hit the ground, dead or dying. Within a few minutes, the ground was dyed red as the dead Fishmen bodies were dragged away and into a large ditch.

"Wither! Wither!" Soap yelled her name as he floated in the water, holding her unconscious form above the rocking waves. Only a short while ago, they had been flying through the air. Then some strange feeling had struck him. Wither had struggled to stay in the air, then slowly collapsed, landing into the sea. On submergence with the seawater, she had passed out, reverting to her human form.

He shook her unconscious body, hoping for a reaction but trying not to do any damage. She didn’t respond or stir.

“Shit…” He then had an idea. He removed his t-shirt, then used the fabric to tie her body to his back. He fastened a knot, then after a moment’s breath, he began to swim with all his strength.

“Have all the civilians woken up yet?”

“No, Lord. Solani. Very few have risen.”

“I see. Well, I hope they will be alright,” The white winged man replied. “What was that energy that shook this place?”

“There are suspicions of it being an immense release of the King’s Spirit, ” The man beside him replied. But this is on a global scale. The amount of energy used seems impossible.

“Strange indeed,” Lord Solani muttered.”And have you found the intruder?”

“No, sir. We tried to search but our men kept passing out. Not from the spirit from earlier, it seemed like a sort of fog.”

“Keep searching!” Solani told him enthusiastically. “He or she could be a threat to our people. I refuse to let anything happen to the innocents of Gods Island.”

"Yes sir." His company, another white winged man with a red sword at his side turned and walked away.

Soap's lungs were on fire. He had been swimming non-stop for so long he didn't know how long anymore. Hours? Days? He could see a small patch of what looked like land. He continued forward, pushing past his limits and resisting the stressing pain. He clenched his eyes shut to cope.

A while later. Soap felt his hand hit something hard. He opened his eyes. He was now on the coast of an island. As he forced himself to his feet, carrying his passenger on his back, he looked around. The island lay home to a bustling town. A signpost said the place was called "Gods Island". Houses and people populated the land. Soap then remembered something. He untied Wither from his back, then put the drenched shirt over her head, obscuring her telltale horns from view. She was still out cold. He then lifted her up by her arms and legs. He needed to find a shelter.

Soap had knocked on the doors of at least fifty houses. There had been no answer. Had something happened or was he simply being avoided? He thought back to earlier experiences. Seemed like the latter. He reached another door and pounded on it. He waited. And waited. His heart rose as he heard footsteps nearing the door.

"Dirty blooming business people! Told the bastards I'm not-" The door flung open. A wizened, old brown skinned, grey haired woman glowered at him. She had little white wings on her back. "And who are you?"

"Hello, I was jus-" Soap regretted the instant he opened his mouth as the old woman's face went from contempt to utter disgust.

"A dirty Fishman! A filthy, disgusting Fishman at my house!" She turned to slam the door shut but Soap moved his foot to block it. He winced as the heavy wood smashed into his unprotected foot.

"Wait!" He pleaded. " I just need shelter!' He held out the unconscious Wither. "To help her?"

"Mother, what's going on?" Another voice asked. Soap felt hope rise again.

"Just some nasty half shark cretin with some ugly slag he knocked up."

"She's not ugly or a slag and I never did whatever that is!" Soap defended.

"But you're a Fishman," The woman hissed. "Fishmen are rotten creatures inside and out. You're lucky we aren't allowed to poach your kind nowadays, but I still have my rifle!" Soap stared at the woman.

"Mother, can you-" A much younger light brown woman with black hair decorated with what looked like pink, glowing rocks entered the hallway that had been occupied by the old woman. She too had white wings, but they were larger than her mother's. She spotted Soap and smiled. "Hi there! You are?"

"I'm Soap," He replied nervously. One screw up and his only hope was gone. "I'm looking for shelter. A, um- friend of mine, we were travelling and she suddenly fell unconscious. Our boat… sank so I had to swim here."

"Alright! I'm Diancie! Now let me have a look at her." Diancie reached for the shirt covering Wither's head, but Soap quickly pulled back.

"There's no need for that," He said hastily. The older women glared at him then exploded.

"There won't be any vile, slimy Fishmen talking to my daughter like that! Get out!" Soap moved his foot from the door and turned to leave.

"Wait." Soap stopped and looked back. Diancie was smiling. "I have the perfect place for you. Though it may need cleaning."

"That old inn?" Her mother asked. "That place hasn't been touched in months! No way is that filth-"

"What seems to be the matter here?" A booming male voice erupted. A large, muscular brown man with white hair and wings now appeared in view. He held a black rifle in his hands. "Can't a man get some sleep?" His eyes crept over Soap and Wither. "Who are those two?"

"They’re cust-" Diancie began.

"Slimy Fishman scum they are!" Her mother screamed. "Darmith, I want them gone!" Darmith gave her a look that made her shut up instantly.

"If our daughter wants to make a business of some lesser half-breeds then let her, you stupid woman. Move!" She stomped away, muttering things about Fishmen. Darmith looked at Soap again, then turned and walked calmly away. A chill ran down Soap's spine. He had saved them, but the words he had called them… and business? He didn't have any money with him and he doubted Wither did either. Was Diancie going to charge them?

"Follow me!" She commanded. Soap didn't move.

"If you want money, then I'm afraid-"

"We can discuss that later!" She continued walking, her hair flowing behind her, the pink rocks glittering. Soap reluctantly followed her. She led them through a forest Soap hadn't noticed before in his panic for shelter. Through a wooden maze of trees. Then in a clearing lay a small house. It looked tattered and unclean, but Soap wasn't in the position to complain.

"So, this is where you'll be staying!" Diancie announced. She took out a key and used it to open the front door. A swarm of rats scampered out of the entrance the second the door opened. "It may not be in the best condition…"

"It's alright," Soap replied, forcing a cheery smile. Diancie walked in before them, closing the door behind her. Soap waited outside patiently. Suddenly, he felt something move. Wither was stirring. He brought her over to a shadowy tree. He was suddenly aware that it was night as he looked up. Wither had told him about her race's ability to power up at night. Her eyes opened and she looked up at him with weary eyes.

"You okay?" He asked. She nodded vaguely, looking around. Her face did not look "okay" at all. "Are you sure you-"

"Alright!" Diancie exited the inn, beaming. "The place just needs some cleaning out, I'll go back to-" she then yelped in shock as a beam of fire shot at her head, barely missing it and striking a bunch of trees, destroying them completely. "The hell?!"

"Wither!" Soap shouted. Wither was looking at Diancie with the most venomous expression. Without warning she dashed, moving so fast it seemed like she disappeared. "Lightweight!" Soap lightened his body weight, rushing at full speed towards the black streak that was lunging for Diancie. Darting his hand forward, he grabbed onto her wrist, stopping her hand which had grown claws poised right at her target's tan throat. "What are you doing?!" He demanded. She ignored him and directed her loathing right at a confused Diancie.

"You! Your father… I will never forgive either of you!" Diancie looked at her, and upon seeing glowing white horns on her head, froze. Her eyes widened in recognition and fear.

"You're that- that girl"

"I am!" She screamed. Soap felt his body being wrenched as she flung him off of her arm. He smashed into a tree, his back burning in the sudden shock of pain, as he broke through the wood. Wither grew back into the large winged dragon and breathed out a massive stream of fire, projecting it right at Diancie.

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